Friday, March 14, 2008

USCG charter yacht Captain for hire,

"The Ringleader" Shakedown Cruise
Sprout Is. Cove to Greenway

August 19, 2007

Fog in the morning. The owner picks Greenway Sound for destination of the day.Capt. Terry has been going over all the charts and cruise books, between crabbing, fishing and cooking catches, and has calculated the distance to Greenway Sound from Sprout Is. Cove. That being 35ktm around the north side of through Wells Passage or 31 ktm around the south side through Fife Sound.
The fog partially lifts and "The Ringleader" pulls anchor and gets underway, Capt. Terry wanting to go the longer route through Wells Passage, but as they cross Blackfish Sound the fog lowers again and the southern route through Fife Sound is chosen to avoid the thicken fob bank laying over the straight.
The wind id light to none, along the way they encounter the boat "Countess" owned by an acquaintance of Capt. Terry that 25 years ago had purchased plans from of a 70 ft sail boat.Waves were exchange, they were fishing but had not caught any.
Green way Sound Marina was contacted, moorage arranged, and "The Ringleader" Tied up to the shoreside dock.

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