Thursday, December 20, 2007

USCG Charter Captain Yacht Captain for hire

"The Ringleader" Shakedown Cruise
August 6, 2007

As the Parade forms up and starts marching through down town Comox, in the continuation of the celebration of "Nautical Days", Captain Terry unties "The Ringleaders"
mooring lines to the dock, and the owner maneuvers her new boat from Marina, out into the bay, through the channel to pass over the Comox bar, around Cape Lazo where the Canadian Coast Guard and Air Force have Bases set up, and north to Campbell River, which is 33 nautical miles north of Comox.
When they enter Discovery passage no moorage was available for the time wanted at April Point Marina, a fishing Lodge with a fine mega yacht marina. Moorage was secured at Discovery Marina at the end of E dock E-61 in Campbell river.
The town of Campbell river was almost empty of people, due to the holiday. Only a few restaurants and the grocery store were open, most of the people went south to Comox for the festivities of Nautical Days, and the fireworks tonight.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

USCG Charter Captain Yacht Captain for hire

" The Ringleader"
Shakedown Cruise
August 5th and 6th

After securing "The Ringleader" to the Port of Comox dock Capt. Terry talks with the Harbormaster ( Called Wharffinger), about the power situation, running of generator, and about local Happenings. The Wharffinger explains that it is a national holiday and Comox is having it's Nautical days, music dancing in the port park, pancake feed with car show and parade tomorrow.
Capt. Terry returns to "The Ringleader", relates his information to the owner who is sitting on the aft deck reading and visiting with other dockside boaters. She says she is fine and Capt is free to explore shore based activities.
Hearing this he goes ashore to find the band playing old fashion rock and roll and the locals dancing their socks off. He too joins in and shakes a leg both of them.
The next day he goes to the pancake feed, the car show, but misses the parade because the owner is anxious to leave Comox and go to the next port, that being Campbell River 33 nautical miles north of Campbell River.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

USCG Captain for Hire The RingLeader Shakedown 8/4-5/2007

"The Ringleader"
Shakedown Cruise
August 4th &5th

Capt Terry washes the "Ringleader", reads books and manuals about her equipment and operation, checks his email at the resort hotels guest computer station. Receives a phone call request to help bring back from Alaska an 80ft boat but declines because of being currently involved with the "Ringleader" shakedown.
The Owner is ready to move on the next day, they both decide to stop at Comox for the next night 44 Nautical Miles from Schooner Cove. North along the west side of Vancouver Island past French Creek Chrome Island, then into Baynes Sound where Comox sits on the north end of a 4 to 6 hours trip pending on the engine speed the boat is cruised at. Moorage is arranged via cell phone conversation with the harbormaster. The boat is secured. and there is music being played on shore.