Monday, November 26, 2007

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"The Ringleader" Shakedown Cruise
August 3, 2007

The owner tells Capt. Terry after studying the cruising manuals onboard that she wants to go to either Nanaimo or Schooner cove north of Telegraph Cove. Capt. Terry explains that to do this "The Ringleader" must be at Dodd Narrows, 13.5KM north at the time of slack water in the narrows. That is worked out from tide and current tables, then the speed that the boat is going to run at is divided by the distance to the Narrows (13.5), that gives the time to the Narrows minus when it to be slack, and that give the departure time from Telegraph Cove.
All works out well, then the owner chooses to go to Schooner cove another 18KM north of Dodd Narrows.

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