Thursday, April 26, 2007

Charter boat,Services offer by Captain Sanders - TOUR inside Vancouver Island, Canada

Custom private Yacht lessons available
Single or Twin powerboat or sailboats,
available on yours or chartered 25ft to 85ft boats.
Schedule early
Call Captain Terry at 360-472-0054

How to:
** Manuver in harbors, and safe docking skills.
** Handle controls, lines, and fenders. .
** Navigate and pilot a vessel with paper, rule, and compass, and use of electronic aids.
** Anchoring techniques, problems and solutions.
** Cruise Planning and Provisioning.
** Tide and current planning and managing. ie: Deception Pass: Seymore Narrows; Cattle Pass; ect.
Boat management and operations,( aquisition, Repairs & maintenace, refitting, repowering, and more)
** Single handed boat operations.

Lessons will be adjusted to the indiviuals current skill needs and previous skills that will work towards creating a safe, confident, and aware boat handling operater.

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RD said...

I just need a boat.